Do you know that nearly 1600 persons a day are the victims of sudden cardiac arrest? Out of this number nearly 800 of them suffer out of hospital. An instant treatment is not available most of the time to save the life. Therefore it is very important to have a training to overcome such situation. Defibrillation is one of such ways to save such a victim instantly. It is an essential life saving step in such situations. Laws have been passed to allow this process to be availed at most of the places, public or private.


Defibrillator- a life saving device for such victims

Defibrillation is being done with a certain device known as Defibrillateur. This device pass out electric shock in order to start the heart beat. Most of the time automated external defibrillator (AED) is being used. They are having sticky pads connected to electrodes for the electric current production. Accordingly the heart rhyme information is being transferred to the computer. The computer analyzes and sends back the necessary electric shock. While using such an AED make sure that no one is in touch with the victim. Connect properly with the computer and it will analyze the need of any shock. Handle ever step with care and read the instructions too.

Involvement of the device with the layman

With the demand of this device, it has been made available at most of the places. Followings areas should have these devices compulsorily.

  • Public places or shopping areas more than 1000 square feet
  • Companies with employees of 50
  • Mandatory in collective dwelling
  • Proper availability at ambulance centre. In case of degradation of the device, penalties will be charged.

The laws also mandate proper training of the device at schools and universities. The common citizens should also have the knowledge of using it. This would help to use the device and save the life.


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